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LaunchBox crashing on startup

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I installed Launchbox yesterday and have been using it with no problems since yesterday.  I installed a few emulators and was playing them just fine.  I was messing around with changing some paths in the platforms area and next time I went to start LB it crashed.  I can not get it to run.  Big Box will run but LB will not.


I am completely baffled and do not know what to do.  This was running just fine and like I said I was just playing around and switching themes, adding videos etc... normal stuff but it did happen immediately after I was changin the platform settings.

Is there a log_file somewhere that I could post?  If there is I do not know where to look...

So far, I have uninstalled, restarted PC, reinstalled to no avail.  I repaired a whole bunch of my Microsoft Visulal c++ files.   ( I did not remove and reinstall I jus did a repair)


I did get something about "kernel32.dll" and coreCRL.dll in the windows management errors




Plz let me know if there is anything else I can post to assist with my problem




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The "Parents.xml" file must have been corrupted.

I reinstalled another application in a different directory and it booted no problem (I ruled out a bad windows file).  Then I copied each folder from the original install directory one by one until the new install would not work.  Thats how I found it.  I copied a fresh "parents.xml" file to my original directory and got it running again.   I have no idea why that would cause it to not start...


Thanks for reading



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