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Noob question about themes

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Although i use  Launchbox/BigBox as my top favorite frontend on my computer and arcade cabinet, i have a Batocera build on one of my bartop and i can't help myself finding the themes maybe less beautifull but much more dynamic. 

For exemple, on Batocera, (but also the same behavior on CoinOps) when you scroll in your platforms or games wheel, the background change at the same time, while in BigBox the background change only when the wheel has finished moving. Same with elements like text block or platform picture, animation  only starts after the wheel has scrolled. 

As a result, when i switch from my BarTop to my Arcade Cabinet, i feel like a sensation of "slowliness" in the theme when browsing my platforms or games, while everything is super smooth, just that unsynchronised movements make me feel this.

So my question is (no reproach here, just a need to know) : is that way of working  just specific to theme making and it's possible to make a more "dynamic" theme or is it something hard coded in BigBox and so will always be like that ?

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Each theme can be coding unqiquely for how the data gets displayed on screen so some of it does have to do with how the creator coded the theme. There are some basic settings in BB though that you can do to limit transitions of media elements. In BigBox settings look for the "Transitions" options.

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