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Add food menu to screen


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Hello, back again with crazy yet cool ideas.  Casino slot machines have a service feature on the bottom of the screen.  You can look at your points, order cold drinks, tea, coffee and if I can remember... appetizers.

In Korea, game labs have menus on their gaming screens, like this one here


Can one of you geniuses please add this to Launchbox?  Simply a menu viewer with a category list of restaurants or homemade ideas you have.  Make it customizable so you can add transparent logos, customized info such as ETA or estimated wait time.  So check this out...  You can upload a menu or anything you want.  If you have PB&J sandwiches or leftover soup, create your own menu from paint or whatever you use and upload that.  Then when you get hungry or it's break time, you can navigate and see menus you've uploaded, including Domino's and Chinese take out (with ability to add custom info, you may list their phone numbers- even add a rating system!).  Same for cocktails and coffee, soft drinks and water.

Edit- Maybe a simple mini 85% transparent box on the far left would be nice.  Or make that box popup when scrolling over.



Icon should be atleast 240x240 (Google dinner icon)

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When I first read this post, that seemed like an insane idea. Started to think about it,, that would actually be pretty cool! Seems to me like it would be more suitable as a plugin though as it would really take away from the core launchbox goal of simplicity and add slightly more un mandatory bloat. 

Maybe we can just set it up so that it will just send the food request to my wife's phone and tell her to make it for me!! She would love it!! ?

Anwyay, I have gotten pretty good at photo shop and stuff lately but have not idea where to begin with coding anything, anyone up for it?

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