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So back in Mid 2020 I started the process of getting a custom cab together but life happened and it fell to the way side.  I had managed to purchase a lot of material and get a rough plan together but never did any actual cutting.  Thinking that was a good thing since I have had months of time to think more about what I want to do with this cab and have some better ideas of what I really want out of it.  I got confirmation that my Sinden light guns are actually going to ship in the next month so I am motivated again to get this cab built.

All that said I have the attached CP layout I am planning on going with and wanted some general advice if I am missing something really needed or going overboard with something else.

Going to be an all in one cab with a 42" screen and 2 Sinden light guns.  I also have 2 foot pedals coming for time crisis / 2 spicy / etc.. that will be incorporated to cab base.  The CP is 48X20 with that top notch being 2 inches to meet up with the screen which will be mounted little into the cab to provide a little more distance between the player and screen.

I have done a cardboard mock up and everything fits pretty comfortably.

The boxes are for a stream deck (left) and a 7" screen (right) that will be running a marquee image (neither is really needed but I already have them and can fit them in so would like to go for it (They will be mounted flush so won't impede any ones hand placement)

I know that 4 buttons (heck even 3) is really enough for P3&4 and am considering dropping down but like the idea that 6 really covers everything including some home counsels.

8 buttons for P1&2 is to cover home systems and provide the 4 in a row for SNK games.

Trackball for the handful of games its needed.

2 spinners so can play spinner games with either buttons to left or right and the few multiplayer spinner games.  I also like the idea of being able to attach a wheel for games like off road and alike.

Used the Slagcoin template for button placement.

I have never really cared for flight games and can not stand the look of a flight stick in the middle of a CP so thats why its not there.




48 CP.jpg

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Updated image with better quality
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