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Screen rotation for vertical arcade games

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Hi all,

I'm new to Launchbox/Bigbox but a paying subscriber now and having a problem.  I'm using the current mameui64 for the Arcade system.  I've read online about how you can use a "vertical.ini" file configured properly to somehow get MAME to automatically rotate your vertical games 90-degrees on your monitor.  My monitor is mounted landscape/horizontal in my cab but I can physically grab it and rotate it 90-degrees so it is vertical.  So I want LaunchBox/BigBog/MAMEUI64 to automatically detect that I've loaded a vertical game and rotate it on my screen.  I've searched online for hours and experimented but can't get this to work.  I'm not sure if the setup is different when using LaunchBox/BigBox and Mameui64 or if it would be exactly the same as using the mame exe file alone.  I don't know if this is setup in an ini file or in LaunchBox options somewhere.  I need someone to pretend that I'm a freaking idiot and guide me from step A to step Z in full detail.  Maybe then I'll get this to work.  There is just so much vague or incorrect info online so I can't figure out how to do this.  I'm hoping it's quick and easy and that all the help I've read is just really poorly written and/or missing relevant details and that I'm not just an idiot because this is making me feel like one.  I'm a Network Admin so very PC savvy but just somewhat new to the LaunchBox/emulator setup scene.  Thanks in advance.

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3 hours ago, djdaveoc22 said:

I want LaunchBox/BigBog/MAMEUI64 to automatically detect that I've loaded a vertical game and rotate it on my screen

The game orientation detection is emulator based and is not for LB/BB to decide.

That said, for MAME edit "mame.ini"... search for "# CORE ROTATION OPTIONS" and set "autoror" ['auto rotate right'] to "1" to automatically rotate the screen clockwise 90º for "vertical" games.  Set "autorol" to "1" rotate it counter-clockwise.


If you'd rather feel like you have a little more control, [instead of above] in your ../MAME/ini/ folder create a "vertical.ini" file and put in there

rotate                    90
ror                       0
rol                       1
autoror                   0
autorol                   0
flipx                     0
flipy                     0

This will rotate it left (rol [counter-clockwise]) 90º.
Set rol to 0 [zero] and ror to 1 to rotate it clock-wise.

At least this worked for me in the quick, couple little tests I did.  And BTW, setting 'rotate' to "45" doesn't work like that. ;) 

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Thanks for the reply!  I had found information about trying this, but as my original post said, the information was incomplete or just flat out wrong.  I had been trying this and couldn't get it to work.  I'm starting to wonder if the reason is because I'm using Mameui64 instead of just mame.  For example. there is no mame.ini file.  There is a mameui.ini and it doesn't even have a similar format to what you said to put in the vertical.ini file.  So I'll get rid of mameui64 and replace it with standard mame and report back.

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It might be in the ../MAMEUI64/INI/ folder.   If it's not in the MAMEUI64 [root] folder or the INI subfolder, then you need to "create" one.  (easy peasy)

Launch MAMEUI64.exe
Click Options and then "Default System Options"
Check (or Uncheck [opposite of what it is]) one of the boxes (say... "Run in a window")
Click "Apply"
Uncheck (or check [reverse]) that same box 
Click "Apply"
Close that window and exit MAMEUI64

Your mame.ini will (should) now be in the ../INI/ subfolder.  If it's not... yup, get rid of it and get the Official version of MAME. 

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I went with regular MAME instead of the UI version.  I put this in my mame.ini (which I had to create by starting the MAME exe file from the command line, changing something, and then it generated the file):

rotate                    1
ror                       0
rol                       0
autoror                   1
autorol                   0
flipx                     0
flipy                     0

I just opened a game from Launchbox and the game, which is a veritcal shooter, is rotated like I want.  So I'll see if the other games that are vertical work the same way.  Thanks for the help.  I was almost there but like I said, there are a lot of incomplete or incorrect help articles online.  I appreciate the help.

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