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Sega Saturn emulation?


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Anybody successful with this?

I wanted to try a few games in their library out, D/Led them from archive.org , added them to LB, set Retroarch as emu & installed the Saturn Beetle core.

When setting the defualt emu in LB, Saturn Beetle didn't show up in the drop down list, but Medafen Saturn did, which I rememeber reading that one was based on, so I chose that. Clicking on the games did nothing.  No error message. Nothing happened at all

I then went & started Retroarch by itself with the Saturn Beetle core & games still wouldn't load. Got a quick error message about not being able to find something


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7 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

Of course.

You need to have the correct bios in your Retroarch\system folder and you need to load the cue file of the game.

Ahh I only had the Japanese bios file & didn't realize it.

Well not that it really matters it looks like, cuz apparently my laptop is too much of a P.O.S. to run 25-27 year old games from this console. Every game has choppy audio/video to varying degrees. Don't know if there's any settings I can tweak, but wouldn't get my hopes up.  It seems to run the few PS1 games I've tried so far, but can't run PS2, Naomi..I wouldn't be suprised

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