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A little question about the Rating Systems


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Hi all,

I just wanted to ask if there’s going to be other then North American (ESRB) rating systems added.

I’m European so for me I’d like to have PEGI as me primary rating system. But I also have a lot of Japanese only games, so CERO is of interest for me.

Checking with Wikipedia there are a lot of rating systems and maybe people like me want their local rating system if possible.

I voted on this a long time ago, but the "enhancement" is from 2016, so now 5 years later I just wanted to ask if this is going to be a thing or not.

Anyway if anyone else is interested in this, it would be nice to know. And if anyone knows if this is something that will be added or not, it would be also nice to know

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For PEGI and CERO I just used the equivalent in ESRB. For example for CERO A/PEGI 3-7 games I used E for Everyone etc. If you go in to the edit menu you can add your own rating system by simply typing it in and it will be created automatically, similar to developers and publishers. I'm not sure where you would put the rating badge images. I'm not sure where the ESRB rating images are stored in the Launch Box folder either.

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I did not know that you could add your own rating system, thanks for letting me know. I'll be checking that out. I’d still like to see other rating systems added to the database as Japanese only games only have a CERO rating.

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