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Video Arcade Marquee Files V.1.1


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Video Arcade Marquee Files V.1.1

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Here is my 1st upload :) Hope it is of use to some people

They are video files for a dynamic marquee for 500 arcade games (Spread over mame, daphine, neo-geo)

All using original artwork (Where available) as well as video clips and other media.

Any feedback is more than welcome :)

Heres a link to youtube where i have showcased some of them, as well as some sample vids attached to this message :)



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16 hours ago, Darkseid001 said:

Exactly this

Unfortunately, BigBox as of right now does NOT support this. I was notified by Jason Carr that this has not been implemented and will be in the next poll. I for one have built two arcades with LCD marquees for active marquee playback. I will switch both these arcade cabinets back to Hyperspin to utilize Hyper Marquee and keep LaunchBox on my pedestal.

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Is 3 Monitor support now available? I have a 2 monitor-setup with 2x 1920x1080. The second play actually marquees. Next week i get a ultrawide marquee monitor with 1920x360. It should then show the marquees. On the second I want to show boxes, gamplay-Images or other stuff. Now it is not possible to do this in a easy way (or I haven't found a solution,yet). I testet with hypermarquee, but the program is very unstable and crashes in my windows 10 system.

Do you have any ideas ?

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