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1080x1920 Platform Banners/Marquees for your second monitor

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1438193076_3DOInteractiveMultiplayer.thumb.png.26a5b7cd18ec2eda0da4ddcc0b1ece4a.png Handhelds.thumb.png.097162ff8297eff0cc6dcae9f39b94e2.png2113201774_NintendoWii.thumb.png.fb2735d5e2167cb7140d672fb981a6da.png756426672_NintendoEntertainmentSystem.thumb.png.4771057623a16d4516da73f8073324a0.png 

good day to you all :)

If any of you have a second monitor and want to fill the entire screen with great banner/marquee artwork, I got you covered

All the art in this zip was made thanks too @dragon57 with his stunning collage art work combined with @JaysArcade platform Marquees

I just put it together and combined a full screen layout for my Banner/Marquees and would like to share it for the community

I also have a small platforms categories banners/marquees included example; Arcade, Computers, Consoles, Handhelds

every collage matches that @dragon57 has made match the games to the platforms on each marquee, sooooo cool :)


place the Platform Banner files in your Theme/images/Platforms/Banners folder

place the Platform Categories files in your Theme/images/Platform Categories/Banners

Here is a link to the Playlists Banners/Marquees 


I will be taking requests at some point, but for now this is it

Enjoy :)





Platforms.zip Platform Categories.zip

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1 hour ago, JaysArcade said:

Hey these are pretty cool. If you saved any of the Marquees you created by themselves and want to share, I'll give you credit, and roll them into the next release of Jays Arcade Platform Marquees.

PMed you :)

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