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Found a free online AI image upscaler! (Vertexshare)


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I was looking through some of the images on my Launchbox setup and found that many of the box art images can't be found in high resolution anywhere on the internet. Especially on the computer platforms like C64 and MSX. So I was wondering if there was a good tool to sharpen the images and make them look better in bigger sizes. I knew what I wanted (a proper AI image upscaler), but I just assumed that all I'd find for free was a simple image sharpener (like you'd see on traditional DVD upscalers for example), and that would have been enough. Instead I found this website that upscaled with AI called Vertexshare.

It's actually insane. Should help you make your collection that much richer.

Here's some examples. Open each in own tab to compare.


2nd Space-01.jpg


Dragon Ball Z_ Supersonic Warriors 2-01.jpg


golden eagle.jpg


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