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When Importing modern games and downloadable content add-ons I'm having a problem in which Launch box is unable to recognize DLC and group it with the games that they belong with, instead it imports DLC as separate games (DLC shows no data or pictures, games do).

The files that I have for the X360 XBLA (Xbox 360 Live Arcade) don't have file extensions, so that may make it harder for LaunchBox to import the content properly. I also thought my issue might be caused by having different file names of games and DLC. Is there a proper format for DLC? This is an example of how I have mine labeled now: "3D Ultra Mini Golf 2 [258410A3B] Fairy Tales Map Pack (DLC)". Perhaps the title of the DLC should be in parenthesis or next to game title, is there a guide for this? (more modern console examples) 

Shouldn't Launch box show what DLC you have with the associated games in the games details? (that seems like a standard feature for modern consoles)

Rather than combine each DLC to their game individually in Lunchbox after importing them (unable to do so, greyed out combine button). How do I properly import this DLC so that it is sorted properly?

Also adding an option to not import .zip and .7z file format for ALL consoles would be helpful.

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LaunchBox relies on naming standards to know which game it is and which metadata to download. Think Mame, No-intro and the like. But for modern games and DLC there is no such naming standard (yet). The best LaunchBox can do is guess. So you have to manually enter the name in LaunchBox when scraping for metadata. Also it is entirely possible that there is no entry yet in the LaunchBox database for DLC or some games. Also DLC should be handled by the emulator. For pc games the DLC is generally incorporated in the main game so for emulators it should be no different. Like with Cemu. You install the DLC in the emulator and is incorporated into the game.

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