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Launchbox freezes whenever I click in Options. Not always.

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Hi guys, Im really happy with this application. It is just amazing but sometimes I noticed that I open the app and I cant control the mouse and scroll down or select a game with my controller as I set it up. Everytime this happens, if I click in options, the applications freezes and only once I managed to get into options (after more than a minute waiting on a modern PC). I dont care much about this issue since I am not changing any options and I can play the games every time (if I dont click in options). But it still a bit annoying, not being able to select the game with the controller.

Im pretty sure there must be more people outthere with the same issue, right?

Thx community!

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I also got a problem with LB freezing/not responding when I try to open options. It doesn't happen all the time either and when I stop the LB process in task manager and restart LB and select options again, it then opens up fine.

Edit: I downgraded to v11.8 and now the options don't freeze LB anymore. So must be a bug in 11.9 somewhere.

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