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Error opening games after exiting last game

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Hi, I've tried to search the forum but having no luck finding my specific issue. Games load up OK with Mame but when I try loading games from other emulators, it loads a game, then I exit and try to select another game but it just freezes the preview video and won't open any game I select. This is a new issue and I haven't changed anything, nor do I have any antivirus/defender processes running. I have noticed that game.exe is still there in processes though, even when I quit out of bigbox. Also having a similar issue with Demul but I corrected that by deleting all games associated with it. Anyone seen this happen before? Thanks

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Just to add. The games work and exit fine in launchbox. It seems to just be a bigbox issue. I've read similar posts where unticking game startup screen has helped but not in my case unfortunately. 

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