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Cannot import MS DOS games

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I am trying to import MS-DOS games on Launchbox 11.9 (Windows 10).  I followed the video here:

But it doesn't work!  When I press Finish at the end of the Wizard, it just ends, nothing imports.  I got it to work years ago on an earlier version of LB but not any more.

I tried importing my DOS games in folders by dragging-and-dropping them into Launchbox direct - this DOES import them, but the Application Paths are all wrong, they looks for the games in the Launchbox app directory, not in the directory in which they are stored.  I could change them all manually but that's going to take ages.


I tried a fresh install of Launchbox in a separate directory, same problem.

I tried moving the games to a different directory and importing them from there, same problem.  

I tried DOSBox pure on Retroarch, which MIGHT be a solution for more arcade-type games, but it's a poor option for keyboard-heavy games (I've got a thing for old-school interactive fiction).  

Any ideas?  I'm at my wits end with this one.

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