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Hey all, the first 11.10 beta is out now with the following: New Premium Feature: The Big Box default wall view has been overhauled and is now much more flexible (with features such as ite

Believe I have tracked down the cause for the WallView index error people are reporting. Thanks to all for the reports and additional follow up information. Ya all are the best.

Beta 2 is out now with the following: Views using the BoxArtCoverFactory now respect the GameImage setting instead of forcing Boxes Wall view was attempting to draw items several times

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2 hours ago, C-Beats said:

This isn't something that was introduced in the beta build. Would you create a new thread for the issue. Also if you have not already please create a BitBucket ticket for this as it is FAR easier to keep track of there. We don't want to lose your report in the shuffle of the forums.

That's interesting because one (launching on the correct screen) of the two bugs got fixed in Beta 2. BigBox still returns to the original screen if it is moved to another screen when it becomes active (from alt-tab). This was introduced in Beta 1. It never did this before, I guarantee.

My computer stayed on 24/7 and no monitor setups were changed between Beta 1 and 2. I downloaded Beta 2 last night and I noticed it now launches on the proper screen, though the issue mentioned is still here.

I posted here because the bugs were introduced in Beta 1. The suggestion was just an extension of what can be done better regarding the screen options. I'll create a ticket for it. Thanks.

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3 hours ago, C-Beats said:

@bbweiners @damageinc86 What view are using in BannerBox that you are seeing the issue with the clear logos?

I'm not sure what it is called.  But it's whatever the standard bannerbox view that shows banners for everything.  I know it's not wall, or text list though.  It would be nice if bigbox showed some text when you switched views using the TAB key like "horizontalblabla", or "wallviewblabla" so you knew which view you were in right when you switched to it.

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I found a couple more bugs with the wallview --

- If you're in Bigbox and select genre's, collections or anything that isn't platforms, all the games are in a random, non alphabetical order.

- When you open a platform, genre, collection, etc.. in Bigbox, videos won't start playing until you select a different game.

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7 hours ago, C-Beats said:

Log reads that you have a missing sound file. Not sure this is related to beta at this point.

I've always had that message, because I've only had these three files and not the startup sound. The crashing happens when I go from Menu to Platform almost right after opening BigBox. I'll capture a video. Let me know if you want another thread.


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