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Trouble getting DosBOX (eXoDOS v5) to work on Steam Link

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I have been using Launchbox with BigBox for a while now, and with my current setup I have been able to play every emulator correctly through Big Box.

A couple of weekends ago I installed eXoDOS v5 and imported everything to my current Launchbox installation. With some head-scratching and tinkering I managed to keep everything tidied up. MS-DOS Games in my PC are launched flawlessly with Launchbox, but problems arise once I try to launch them over BigBox in Steam Link.

Instead of the game running, all I get is 3 huge white lines over a black backround, the "Connection lost" icon from Steam Link (the red one in the bottom right) and the music of the game playing in the background. Not only it happens with every game I have tried (installed or not, it doesn't matter), I can't seem to force quit BB unless I plug the cord of the Steam Link or I end the Steam Link session in the host computer. I guess it's somehow related to the display being lost whenever DOSBox is opened, but no clue where to start.

I'd appreciate some light here, as I'm completely stuck and I'd like to give these MS-DOS games some love. Thanks in advance 😃

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If i had to guess id say that dosbox is switching to a resolution either the steamlink or your TV/Monitor doesnt accept. My guess would be its a Steamlink issue rather than a dosbox or Bigbox one. Beyond that i cant help as i dont use dosbox or the steamlink.

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