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Need help, strange issue

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So, this one has me stumped. It only occurs when I run Retroarch through LB, not when I run it standalone.

I set my Hotkey to Select, and I save state through Select-R1. When I do that, though, I get a message on the lower right that says "null" before it says the state was saved, but then I get a screen with a start/pause icon in the upper right. At that point, I'm pretty much frozen, I can exit the game with Start-Select but nothing else. I tried every change I can think of in Retroarch but like I said, if I run Retroarch standalone, no problem, it's only when I launch through LB.

Anyone seen this, or better yet, know how to resolve it? I can save through Quick Menu but would prefer to do in-game if possible.

Thanks for any help.

2-23-2021 3-56-51 PM.jpg

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Its possible you have Retroarch set to automatically pause when it doesnt have focus, and somehow your combo, is maybe effecting that somehow, maybe Launchbox startup/shutdown screen related?

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