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Added an entry for a new game, seems to have been split into two entries?


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Edit 25-Feb-2021, 12:20pm GMT: I'm trying to address this by submitting changes to turn the '149910' entry from Platform=Acorn Electorn to Platform=BBC Microcomputer (as the same version of the game will run on both platforms).


Hi, first post!

I signed up for a Launchbox account earlier today and began adding some missing box art. I then added an entry for a new homebrew game (Elementum, for the Acorn Electron and also the BBC Micro) and included 2 x box arts (front and back), 2 x screenshots as well as a flyer advertising the game. This was approved by the maintainers within a few hours, however, despite uploading all the media at the same time I created the entry for the new game, two separate entries appear to have been created...

This entry contains the 2 x front covers and the flyer:

Whilst this entry contains the 2 x back covers and the 2 x screenshots:

Could an admin try and merge the two together? (And possibly advise what might have caused the issue?).

Edited by Arcadian
Trying to sort the problem myself
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