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Recommended resolution for clear logos

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@Jason Carr I have a question as I'm about to give my graphic designer a lot of clear logo tasks. He works for my blog but I have extra time for him to fill, so I'm having him cut clear logos from all the games where my audit shows a box front but no clear logo.

What is your preferred resolution for clear logos? While there are many much bigger, I see a lot are 400px wide and whatever height is required, depending on the logo? Is that the best rule or is there a good case for larger? I'm thinking 400px might be the goal for faster loading and less space requirements?

After we're done the nearly 1k files for my needs, happy to take suggestions of other ways we can help build the database.

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May I comment on this topic? I think lately things have gone much better when it comes to clear logos, but at one point there was a lot of logos being uploaded with a huge amount of empty space around them (not cropped). That resulted in the logo looking really small, particularly in BigBox and also the logo being impossible to, for example, place in the far left or top, if they would have a big amount of empty space (thinking of Theme makers). This is something worth keeping in mind, because however big the resolution is, the logo will look smaller than wanted, if there is uncut space around it.

I've submitted quite a lot of missing games, new games and when I upload/see a logo with empty space around it I just bring the logo in photoshop and click the none-empty layer with CTRL pressed down and then use image/crop - that takes around 5 secs and works like charm.

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