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Key mapper file for dosbox is not found with path built by launchbox UI

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Good evening,

I am experiencing a rather strange behavior with mapper files of dosbox. Usually these files allow to map buttons of your controller for instance to regular keyboard keys. In order to work, however, a mapper file needs to be built and referenced. This is supported by the UI for the dosbox config. The UI lets you select a mapper file of your choice, and then creates a relative path to that file with the dosbox folder as the root location.

My problem is, that this path does not work. By trial and error I found out, that the file seems to be addressed relative to my actual game directory. Maybe it is the location of the dosbox-config file, that I am using. I am not sure about it. The important thing ist that it seems to work this way. At least for two games.

When I tried to apply my idea to the third game it didn‘t work. The file was not found. The file was also not found when I addressed it with the relative path the Launchbox-UI did build. I wasn‘t able to make it use the file I had prepared.

What did work was using the default dosbox config and the default key mapper file in the dosbox root folder. For whatever reason this mapper file so far works fine.

Does anyone have an idea what I did wrong? I am out of ideas... 😐



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Hi community,

apparently there are some things to consider: The directional pad keys on my PS4 Controller only seem to work when „Thrustmaster FCS“ is selected as joystick type in the Dosbox config file (which I didn‘t know). As I didn‘t have this set for my third game (but I had on the first two) the third attempt seemed to not work even with the correct relative file path set.

Now that the joystick type is the right one in my settings and I corrected the wrong relative path to the mapper file, the mapping does what it should. However, Launchbox still builds an unusable relative file path to the selected mapper file. This should be addressed from my point of view.

I have filed an issue for that.

Have a nice Sunday


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