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Bigbox Scrolling Automatically

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I have 2 Ultimarc Ultrastik360s hooked up to my home arcade. I'm thinking the problem may be with them but maybe there's a Bigbox fix I'm overlooking. When I let them idle, they tend to auto scroll down and left. I can't figure out how to try and calibrate them in the program. Anyone else have similar problems?


EDIT: I should clarify these are hooked up via USB and honestly haven't been the best for games like Street Fighter 2 and other fighting games, but they do work, it's just weird they're behaving like this.

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Attract mode is off and sometimes it scrolls after maybe 30 seconds, sometimes not for like 2-3 minutes. I also use the calibrator program that comes with the Ultrastiks and they don't behave that way in the program, only on BigBox

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