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LaunchBox 11.9 + RetroArch 1.9.0 + LG OLED CX(PUA) = Crashing my new Retro Box

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Guys, looking for ideas here as I am about to lose my mind!

I picked up a new micro PC, as recommended by ETA Prime on his YouTube channel. I grabbed myself the Lenovo ThinkCenter M75Q Gen 2.

Spec wise, we are looking at:
Ryzen 5 Pro 4650GE APU (the rest of the components are upgrades by me with harvested parts)
WD Black 1TB OS drive
Samsung 2TB storage drive
32GB 3200mhz RAM (HyperX)

So I installed everything, moved all my stuff over, updated all my drivers, etc. On my work monitor, I was trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Tested everything, all launched with no issue. Great, right?
Moved the machine into my bedroom, connected it to my LG OLED in there, and NOTHING but issues.
It is ONLY happening when LaunchBox is involved, and booting a RetroArch core, which is the majority of my collection. The only things not using it are MAME, FBA, GameCube, Dreamcast, NAOMI, PS2.

If I launch RetroArch alone, and a game - it boots fine, fully usable and stable.
If I launch through LaunchBox, the game loads and will freeze and crash less than 3 or 4 seconds into the game.

This is ONLY happening when connected to the LG.
Connect to my work monitor (Asus) = fine.
Connect to my living room TV = fine.
Connect to my home theatre = fine.
Connect back to my LG = crash city.

Drivers are up to date, rebuilt OS, reimaged OS, redownloaded LaunchBox and RetroArch, tried previous two versions, forced lower resolution and capped refresh rate at 60htz max, no weird command line options on boot. 

What else could I look at? This is driving me nuts. What info can I gather to help troubleshoot this? I just turned logs on to capture. Windows event viewer was useless, just says it couldnt communicate with Windows. 

Thoughts my retro friends?

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Very strange issue, im not really sure what to suggest here, but it's not the TV itself, thats of no relevance, i have a C9 myself which i use with zero issues.

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