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Starting a "proper" Launchbox : how work multi folder roms ?


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Since i've done mess in my launcbox recently, i decide to install a new launcbox to make it good this time.

My folder are organized in separate folder outside Launcbox (because i have multi HDD) like this for each system :
- Dreamcast Euro
- Dreamcast USA exclusive
- Dreamcast JAP Exclusive
- Dreamcast translation & Proto

I had no problem to import multifolder like this. But i have problem when i want to add some roms : when i remove them from my folder, launchbox remove it too in the base when i click on "look for removed roms". But when i add a roms in a folder, he don't see any change when i click on "find roms added".

When i want to edit the folder of platform, i can choose only one folder.

How can i make launchbox see my new added rom and search media for it ?

Thanks for your help.

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  • Zozio changed the title to Starting a "proper" Launchbox : how work multi folder roms ?

if you go to edit platform under the tools menu and edit the platform in question there will be a tab labeled folders this is by default always set to the Launchbox\Games\NameofPlatform folder so in your case when they are located in any other location the user has to to manually edit all the paths of his platforms if they wish to use that particular feature.

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