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I've had Launchbox for about 3 years and built it up iover that time. Then about a month ago I decided to redo the whole thing as it had become messy and a bit out dated on some of the systems. So I bought a 8tb external and got to work. I've made logos etc for the systems that didnt have them. I've added bezels, overlays and shaders espcially for handhelds and arcade games. The theme is City Hunter 2. Currently sat 135 systems and 35336 games and still adding some. I've got them all working bar TI-99 (any help on that would be appriciated), cant seem to get it going properly. It's been an enjoyable month.



launchbox 3.png

launchbox 2.png

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On 4/12/2021 at 4:45 PM, SiriusVI said:

What romsets and emulators do you use for computer systems, such as Apple II and AppleIIGS? 

I've collected the romsets over a few years. However I got a lot from Arcade Punks recently, particularly Piggies sets. The eumlators for Apple II is Apple Win and Apple IIGS is Mess (Mame). I mainly use Retroarch and Mess (Mame) overall but they are loads of different ones like Dolphin, Teknoparrot and system specific ones.

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