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Hi everyone. First post and hoping someone can help me out. I have attempted to get help through the BYOAC forums, however they suggested I check here.

My issue has to do with driving games in MAME set up through Launchbox / Big Box. I am using a Logitech G920 wheel with profiles set for MAME, such as 180 steering, 50% sensitivity and 20% wheel return to center for non force feedback games. The problem I am experiencing, is that when MAME is launched from Bigbox / Launchbox, my wheel becomes completely limp meaning it's almost impossible to steer any game you play. If I launch the exe from the emulator, the wheel settings are retained and the games play beautifully.  The strange part is, that I created a separate MAME exe (renamed) for games like Hand and Race Driving, as those need their own settings in order for the wheel to play properly and those work just fine launched from the front end. I have spent 2 days on this and can't find a solution.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. I can also film a video and post the link here if easier. 

Thanks in advance guys.

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Try moving any config or ini files related to the games that are using the wheel to the main Mame folder (where the mame exe is located). For some reason Mame and Launchbox seem to have an issue where Mame doesn't read ini files not in the main folder.

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So unfortunately the suggested method did not work, however by complete accident, I Alt / Tabbed on the Logitech profiler while running Mame and was able to get it working properly again. So it seems the program loses focus as soon as Mame launches but can't figure why it's happening... 

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