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"Error occurred" viewing certain games on web site when logged in

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I've reported this before, but I have a bit more specific information now.

A while back I added the game Starsector, but immediately afterward I was unable to edit or view it at its URL, https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/123944.  It just says "Error occurred" on the web page, with nothing else displayed except the web site's general header.

Months later, I find I'm still unable to view it -- unless I log out of the web site.  Then I can view it, but as soon as I log back in, Error Occurs.

I have tried resetting all site info.  I have whitelisted launchbox-app to keep tracking blockers and the like from operating on it.  I have tried in both Firefox and Opera browsers (the latter of which is in a default settings state, since I pretty much only use it for testing or getting through to sites that Firefox has trouble with for some reason or another), with the same result.

No idea what it is, but something doesn't want *me* to view that game's URL.  Or maybe it's when someone is logged in at all, can't test that since I only have my own account.   I'd speculate about general network/internet/firewall settings, but they shouldn't interfere with just Starsector's page, right?  I'm using standard Windows Defender on normal settings.

There have been other games that did this, and I don't remember them off top of head, but here is this one as an example.  It does seem there's something going on, but I can't find anything on my end that should do this.

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