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Trying to import CPS1 games but only about a fifth of them get imported

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Ok, so I am adding my arcade games by platforms to make things easy for me. So I imported Atomiswave and Naomi games without any issues, all of them imported fine and work with their corresponding emulators. Now I'm trying to import CPS1 games and of the 234 zipped games only 37 are added when trying to import. I've tried importing a folder and importing the files but both methods result in the same issue. Most of the games are missing. Particularly versions. Here's a walkthrough of the import process as I'm going through it, along with some screenshots:

1. Tools, Import, ROM Files

2. Select the files, or folder (same result either way)

3. In the "What platform are you importing games for? Part I select CPS1 and then Scrape as Arcade.

4. I select my CPS1 emulator (already configured), which is Retroarch (FBA CPS1 core)

5. I don't move or copy files, just use them in their current location

6. Download metadata? Yes, all images checked (Emumovies is not setup)

7. In the custom options I select Force importing duplicate games and Look for PDF files for use as the game manual

8. How would you like to import your MAME games? Import all clones and no skip options.

9. In the ready for import only a few games show up. Notably, there are no localizations.

Windows 10, fully updated. Latest LB (11.10).

Images attached. Any help would be highly appreciated.

CPS emu config 1.png

CPS1 emu config 2.png


Import 1.png

Import 2.png

Import 3.png

Import 4.png

Import 5.png

Import 6.png

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