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Ys I & 2 Book for Pc Engine CD: I can't run it with Mednafen, the emulator plays the music tracks!


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Hi, I'm using all my Pc Engine cd games with Mednafen emulator. I converted every game from its original format (img+cue+sub+ccd) to the supported format iso+cue using Isoburn. Every game works perfectly, I have about 80 games, but only one has a strange problem, Ys I & 2 (Book 1).

When I run the game, it doesn't work: it appears this screen, and every audio track is played in sequence:


Do you know how can I solve this issue? I have the same problem even if I play the img+cue+sub+ccd format, so the issue isn't caused by the conversion process...


thank you


EDIT: I solved the issue, fortunately i found another game version and it works :)

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No need to keep the 4 different files, .img + .cue file alone just work fine, also no need to convert to .iso format. 

If you have a game with several single audio tracks, you can use a program like CDmage to merge them into one single .cue and .bin file respectively. 

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ah, so in order to use a pc engine cd game with Mednafen:

1) if the format is img+cue+sub+ccd, i can avoid to convert it in cue+iso

2) if the format is several file mp3 + iso + cue, i can convert it to bin+cue with  CDMage

thank you!

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