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Rec Room Masters 4 player control + Launchbox Volume


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Hi all, I have the premium launchbox/bigbox and I'm trying to figure out how to map the left/right click buttons that come on the RRM 4 player control deck to handle volume up/down. On LB there is the volume control knob (which I assume is windows volume) and under the options menu there is an ability to map controller input to control volume. Is it possible to map keyboard/mouse inputs to do the same? Ideally I'd like to remap those buttons to keys like +/- but I'm not sure that is possible, I looked at the winipac2 software and it seemed like the mouse click buttons weren't mappable in there. Thanks for any tips!

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I was able to get this working with AutoHotKey.

I have it lowering volume when P1+P3 are pressed, and raising with P2+P4 pressed.  If you hold them, it will continue to raise/lower, and it doesn't interfere with the coin buttons if they're pressed individually.

Happy with that!

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