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Paint Drip Startup made to accent my version of Viking's Colorful Theme (Dark=Platforms, Light=Games)

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Hey guys! Today I just overhauled my theme choices and went back to the wonderful Colorful Theme by Viking! In doing so, none of my startup videos felt fitting to me. Some of you may feel this still doesn't fit, but with how my scheme is I really like it alot given the quick 30 minute whip up. Comes in 1080p flavor, clocks in at 22 seconds, and sits at 32.7mb! I feel at home now. I feel like I've been non stop tweaking this dang thing since I purchased about a year ago... but so worth it! I will never look back. 

Preview of my current build with the Paint Drip Startup: 


Thank you Viking for your fantastic design choices on this theme. My only ask would be to put clear logo's of the platforms/playlists in place of the regular text when on a home screen. Maybe place platform clear logos on the game screen also. After awhile you may forget which platform you were in lol. Very nit picky crap. The theme is fantastic! Thank you so much for all the hard effort!

Colorful Theme Link: 


Jason and Co., Thank you guys also! As always! This is the most fantastic front end ever. It's what I've dreamed of since I was a kid. You guys are the best!


Paint Drip Startup.png

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