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Marquee Display stopped working

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Hi guys - my marquee screen stopped working sometime recently though I'm not exactly sure when.  I've been through all the recent beta releases but now I'm at 11.11 stable.  I assumed at first it had something to do with the Beta but I'm guess now that's not the case.  

I've done the standard stuff like make sure full screen optimizations are off for bigbox.exe, that dpi overrides are set to application.  I've set the Marquee Screen to none, closed it out, restarted it, set it back.  I've validated windows has no issues with the display (I can display other stuff there just fine).  I've even tried switching Screen 1 and Screen 2 around in the settings and surprisingly, that didn't have any affect at all.  It's kind of like the Primarily / Marquee Screen setting isn't doing anything.  

Any suggestions - perhaps places to look for logging or errors?  I've received no stack traces or anything - it just never displays anything on the second screen (worth noting, this was working fine until super recently).  



2021-04-26 08_41_23-LaunchBox Big Box.png

2021-04-26 08_42_46-Settings.png

2021-04-26 08_43_16-.png

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All I can think of is be sure both screens have the same percentage text scaling, turn off any dpi overrides. And always make sure the cables have been plugged in/out to make sure the connection/hdmi handshake is there.

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I figured it would be worth an update - I'm still partially dealing with it.  It's not what I would have expected but for some reason if I set Display 1 (primary) back to 150% scaling, it works.  If I set the main display to 100% it stops working.  Not ideal, but I can only assume perhaps it has that scaling number cached somewhere?  

I don't know, but if anybody is having similar issues try changing the scaling back and forth on the primary monitor.  Not sure why that makes the second monitor quit working though.  

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