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supermodel 3 driving controls issue

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I was able to get supermodel to work with the soccer game, can't remember the name off the top of my head, but every  "driving" game I can't get to work.  I do not have a pedal so I assigned the acceleration to a button and brake to another button with L and R on my joystick, using servosticks for my steering.  Is this the correct way to to do it?  I hit the button and the car never accelerates, just sits there.  I have tried this with several driving games and all the same.  Also, is there a way to use my spinner as a steering wheel instead of using the joystick?    Thanks for the help, I'm getting closer to getting this emulator to work.  It's been the hardest so far, but downloading a "front end" for it really helped out.  

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@rmetzger What does your supermode.ini section for steering and pedals look like?

; Steering wheel
InputSteeringLeft = "KEY_LEFT"      ; digital, turn wheel left
InputSteeringRight = "KEY_RIGHT"    ; digital, turn wheel right
InputSteering = "JOY1_XAXIS"        ; analog, full steering range

; Pedals

Here, I can use the Left/Right arrows OR the left joystick on my Xbox 360 controller for steering.  And for the gas pedal, Ctrl on the keyboard OR the Right Trigger on the controller. Brake is Alt OR Left trigger.

Also, if using a controller with Xinput, be sure to have "InputSystem = xinput" in the ini file.  (or you can set it from the command line.)

And remember, an emulator will only run as good through a FrontEnd as you can get it to work standalone.  As this seems to be an emulator related issue, a great resource for Q&A would be their forums.  Not that it hurts to ask here. ;) 

[Soccer game - probably Virtua Striker 2 :D]

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Thanks for the help.   I looked at mine and it was similar so I went to the supermodel 3 forum and downloaded the most recent version and it works.   Whatever version I had didn’t work with everything evidently.  I do wonder how you have it setup in launch box. Yesterday I was getting it to launch but a small screen. After updating to most recent version launch box won’t open it.    

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53 minutes ago, rmetzger said:

After updating to most recent version launch box won’t open it.    

You indicate that it's working [now] from the command prompt.  That's an excellent start!  Make sure in LaunchBox you're pointing to your 'updated' version (in case you placed it in a different folder).

59 minutes ago, rmetzger said:

how you have it setup in launch box.

Plain and simple.  Just point to Supermodel.exe and don't check any boxes.  And if you did by chance change the path or added a second Supermodel Emulator in LaunchBox, make sure to verify that it's set to Default for the associated Platform (if you have a designated Model 3 Platform) or at least the games that use it are pointing to the correct copy of the Emulator.


To get it FullScreen, edit your supermodel.ini file and add in "FullScreen = 1".


And again, if you are using an Xinput device, set that. And while you're at it, add in some simulated Force Feedback. 

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Im not positive what an input device is, but I’m using an iPac for 2 players, 2 joysticks with buttons, trackball, and 2 spinners, 1 into iPac, 1 usb.  

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48 minutes ago, rmetzger said:

I’m using an iPac

Disregard everything I said about Xinput and you'll be good. ;) 

38 minutes ago, rmetzger said:

Is this where I’m supposed to put it?

Yup.  That should work.  But I don't know if Supermodel is caSe sENsaTivE or not.  But I do know "FullScreen = 1" does work.  I don't know if "FULLSCREEN = 1" does or not.

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That worked, thank you.  It is case sensitive. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go full screen til you pointed out the difference in how we wrote it. 

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