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Dosbox Keymap Settings For Games Where The .Conf Files Are In Custom Locations

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If you are like me and use a frontend for dosbox that puts each games .conf file in a central location (for easy editing, etc), you are in for a bit of a headache when using LB. I accept the fact that in LB you will have to tell LB where each games .conf file is. But if you redefine any of the dosbox keymaps, it is a pain & I think it needs some help from the developer.

1) In each of the games .conf files, you cannot use the line mapperfile=default. This works perfect for dosbox & for the frontend. But not LB. LB will ignore this.

2) You cannot redirect LB to use the custom keymap file under LB/Tools/Edit Default Dosbox Configuration/System/Mapper File. LB will ignore it.

Instead you you have to go into each games .conf file and define the location of the mapper file you want to use. I.E. mapperfile=C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\DOSBox\mapper-0.74.map. I had to do this 83 times. Luckily, I know how to use Notepadd ++. It did this 83 times for me.

Will you please allow LB to override the location of the keymap file under Tools/Edit Default Dosbox Configuration/System/Mapper File? If that space is blank, it will use what is in your games .conf files. If it has a path, then it will use it instead. This would really help increase the flexability of the dosbox side of LB.

Thanks for reading.

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