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Issue seeing game between Exit from Pause Screen and Shutdown Screen

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Hi!  Just learned about Launchbox a few weeks ago, and it is a terrific program! 
I've already signed up for a Forever Premium account for Launchbox/BigBox, thanks to how easy and customizable your interface has been. 

The issue that I seem to be having is the least smooth part of the experience so far.

When I bring up the Pause Screen from in game, arrow/dpad down past the manuals and achievements to Exit,
and hit Enter or the A button on my XBOX One controller, the Pause Menu flashes back to the game before going to the Shutdown Screen (GAME OVER screen). 

If I use the Exit Game mapped button (XBOX Home button), it goes directly to the Shutdown Screen which would be the preferred behavior. 

I've attached a video clip of the issue, along with images of what my current settings are in Options, and in Tools > Manage Emulators > Retroarch.
The Auto Hotkey tabs are set to the default.  I've tried "Hide all Windows that are not in Exclusive Fullscreen Mode"  and
"Attempt to hide console window on Startup/Shutdown" form the Details Tab. 

No combination is seeming to make a change.  I'm wondering if it's part of the Launchbox code that has a delay between when the user
chooses Exit via the Pause Screen, and when an Escape or Exit command is sent.  Something that the Exit Game mapped gamepad button bypasses. 

Is there a way to make LB go straight to the Shutdown Screen when choosing Exit from the Pause Menu, without seeing the game again?


not sure if it is related, but I noticed that there is a delay between Resuming play and when the audio kicks back in when "Mute Audio During Transitions" is checked.
There is about 2-3 seconds of silence there, before the audio comes back in, well past the visual transition back into the game. 

Is there a way adjust LB so the audio kicks back in more seamlessly , without a 2 second delay when resuming play?


I think if these issues weren't present, it would make for a very seamless experience on an already great program. 

Any info would be appreciated : )


options 2.jpg

retroarch edit 1.jpg

retroarch edit 2.jpg

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