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So I noticed some of the games want a coin button for each individual player. That is going to tie up all four coin buttons at the top. Is it possible to make just one coin button for all of them? That way I can use those the other three buttons for things like pause, record, etc.

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The answer? Well, it depends. As I understand it, you have a four player setup. What we need to know: is this single common or shared coin button detected as a gamepad button or a keyboard key? I believe you should be able to assign one key or button to all four players' coin button in MAME. In RetroArch, each player's gamepad select button is ordinarily assigned to coin. So if there is just one coin and assuming your setup is operating with the controls as gamepads, that means assigning one button to multiple controllers (one-to-many) and there is no easy route to that. You might just have to do what I did, though: (1) create virtual XInput controllers using x360ce (the latest 4.x version) and (2) hide your physical ones from all applications except x360ce (this is to prevent duplicate detected inputs, of the original physical device and the virtual counterpart) using WhiteKnight. These are only some ideas I am throwing out there, though, and there are many ways to configure arcade controls and not one is right or best for everything. We would have to hear more technical details about your setup, such as if the controls are operating as a keyboard or a gamepad. And if you do go down the virtual controller route, you will need to do some manual work. That will require you researching much of this out on your own, but I can at least give you some leads: look up WhiteKnight and HidGuardian; x360ce; and also setting up programs to run at startup (ordinarily, that would just entail copying the program's shortcut to the Start Menu's startup folder, but since you will want x360ce to run as admin, you will need to set the main executable to run as admin and create a VBS script to place in your startup folder as described here) since x360ce's own setting for that does not work currently.

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