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Unpack My Game

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Hi guys !

1) Description

    UnpackMyGame allow to inject games packed with PackMyGame into LaunchBox, based on wpf/.net Core 3.1 instead of  forms/.net framework ... 

   It's available in English and French.

2) Current Version

3) Links

    Because there is a lot of modifications, bugfixes since the last version i made a wiki on my github, i will try to let the best explanations on it. 

    Don't hesitate to signal any bug, there is a log system, it will help to improve the application (if you are french, write to me in french ^^)

4) Some words...

  • If, after have inject a game, you don't see its cover, check if the emulator injected from the xml files (your old backup) still available, and/or refresh images.
  • Sapp Pas Root could help you at the end to manage paths.
  • I tested a lot Pack and Unpack, 3 months for pack and 1 month since i changed all the core for Unpack. I tried to place some securities to avoid bad manipulations, but it still to be a beta there is probably some (minor i hope) bugs to remove.
  • Unpack makes a copy of platforms before to inject, you have 100 copies before it blocks on the 00 version of the backup and overwrite it. I must find an algorithm to overwrite by date on 100 copies.
  • Difference between unpack and inject is inject don't add files... If you have several users on the same machine, you don't need to copy files but you need to inject games for each launchbox profile, inject is here for that.
  • Pack  and Unpack use a common library i wrote, the same used in SappPasRoot... Step by step i will accelerate and reduce verbose, and put a parameter in config file to change the verbose mode for the user.
  • You need the 7z NATIVE dll to use 7z compression, it must be copie in x86 or x64 folder according of your version.
  • Currenly tested only on windows computer, i will happy to have feedback if somebody test with linux but i don't think it can work because of link i use in paths. I must install a linux machine soon i will see what can i do for that.

5) Bug Knowns 

  • Inject game: right button crash, fixed on source files.


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