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Noob Questions for LanuchBox on PC in Arcade 1up setup [HELP]


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Hey Everyone,

Switched my Pi4 retro pi setup to a Lenovo M900 Tiny PC to power my Arcade 1up Cab (SE Marvel Superheroes) with BigBox. I ran into a couple of issue along the way. ETA Prime cover quite a few things, but I'm still having some issues.

1. My Zero-Lag USB encoders arcade buttons are not being recognized by the Keyboard Automation. I'm trying to setup up an arcade Start button to be my "HOLD" button. None of my Arcade button are being recognize in the Keyboard Automation section even though they work perfectly in the Keyboard Mapping section. I can use my arcade button to navigate BigBox fine.


2. I have Retroarch with All cores installed and updated, but some Emulators wont start like Naomi, Sega 32x and Dreamcast. All other work fine. Here's a screenshot of my Emulator Manager:

Please Ignore the "Missing Core Files", I took these pics before I moved the cores and correct Bios to the correct folders. I no longer have any "Missing Core Files: but games still wont start. Only a Video file will start to Play.



3. How can I back out of a Game that's using RetroArch without going to the RetroArch Menu and "Closing Content" first? I just want to get back to the Big Box Game list. Can I do this without  Keyboard Automation since it's not working for me (see Q1)?


4. Last question. When I back out of a RetroArch Game by clicking "ESC" twice to go back to Big Box Game List, BigBox doesn't always load up fully, only parts of the screen come back (See pics below). I see my Desktop and I have to minimize and maximize BigBox to fix the issue. It happens on multiple themes that have the Aspect ratio option as "Any' since my Arcade 1up screen is 5x4 or 4x3 I believe, not widescreen. What can I do to fix this??

After closing the game:


Should look like:


I would appreciate any help since I'm new to this and I specifically bought my little PC to only running big box on my arcade one up after I realized that my retro pie setup is not powerful to run most of the games I would like to play (ETA Prime influenced). I was also looking forward to a cleaner streamline method to run thousands of games so it would not be confusing for my wife or son as well. The easier I can make this for everyone the better.


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2 minutes ago, synplex said:

Not gonna lie, I thought this forum would be a bit more active and help in the "Noob" section. Quick i should have brought in 1 year license instead ?

This forum is helpful, have you thought that know one knows the answer to your question? I personally have zero experience with zero delay encoders so can offer no help there. You are using a machine designed for a specific use case for a purpose it wasnt designed for, bumps along the way are to be expected when forcing things to your will. Also your middle two questions have been asked and answered here thousands of times at this point, a quick google would of found you the answers you are so desperate for someone else to provide to you, so maybe people saw the question and just thought, im not answering that one again.

As for retroarch you need to specify which core to use for each system, and that system must be listed there exactly how it is named when imported, if the currently selected core is not what you want to use, change it on that screen to another core.

Closing out of emulators needs you to set a combo in the controller settings.

The partial screen thing after exiting i have never seen before, so is likely something specific to system, as to what that may be, sorry i have no clue.

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Posted (edited)

After searching my self on this forum for the last 3 days, I see LOTS of experienced users/pros on here. And no one can help with either of my 4 questions? Doubt it. But I will wait a few more days, I get that people are busy and scattered.

But thanks for the info you shared, seriously. Any help is appreciated.

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