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Model 2 Emulator Daytona USA - Gas and brake reversed. Correct in menus


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I’ve seen this problem posted in a few places sporadically but never found a solution.  I have a negcon PS1 driving controller I have attached to a raphnet PS1 adapter to connect to the PC.  It shows distinct axis’s in the USB Controllers screen in Windows.  So like steering is the X analog axis, acceleration is the Z axis and brake is like X-Rotation.  I set this up in the model 2 config with the accelerator and brakes set to inverted.  On the Daytona main menu selection screen, the accelerator accepts the current input (like an ok button) which matches the arcade behavior.  But in game the accelerator is behaving as the brake and the brake as the accelerator.   They are distinct axises so this is weird. The adapter I used is a direct input device so on my second attempt I used X360ce and mapped the steering to the first joy x-axis, accelerator to y-axis and brake to the second joy Y axis.  I turn Xinput on in the emulator ini file and run but the same thing occurs.  The controls are opposite in the game but on the main screen they are correct.

Any Model 2 experts out there?  I know the executable is getting a little long in the tooth.  Thanks!


Edit: To make it even simpler, I assigned accel to the left trigger and brake to the right trigger in X360ce.  Same issue.

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22 minutes ago, Headrush69 said:
  1. Have you tried with a clean install and no cfg or nvram files?
  2. Have you tried entering the test menu of the game and checking/calibrating controls within the game


I deleted the controls binary file but I could try a completely fresh install.    But I think I essentially did that because I later tried out a separate UI for it which I think came with the binary executable.  Can you calibrate in the test menu?  I thought I saw you can see which control you just moved.  Thanks.

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