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RetroCRT - A 4:3 theme - [Theme Workshop]

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RetroCRT - A 4:3 theme - [Theme Workshop]

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RetroCRT was built during a Theme Workshop live stream. If you are interested in creating themes, subscribe to the Unbroken Software YouTube channel.



A 4:3 theme that really hits that CRT nostalgic vibe.

The theme can be downloaded here, while in the future I will be adding the Project Files you can use to load into the COMMUNITY Theme Creator.



Watch this theme being built:



COMMUNITY Theme Creator by @y2guru. Find it here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2115-community-theme-creator-for-bigbox/
Subscribe to catch future live streamshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIht6UXIEXIgz4eXAEShxA


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2 hours ago, faeran said:


Hi @akera099. What do you mean by bezel and overlays? RetroCRT is a 4:3 Big Box theme.

I'm sorry that wasn't clear! I'm talking about the theme's bezel and the scanlines. Here's what it looks like in BigBox. As you see, the CRT-like bezel nor the scanlines does not show like in your pictures. I have dropped the Retro-CRT folder in my Big Box theme folder. I'm on BigBox 12.1, but I'm not sure if that's related. Thanks again and sorry, I'm kinda new to this, maybe I'm missing something obvious.

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Never seen that before. I'm assuming other custom themes don't have this issue for you?

You could try:

  • Right click the theme's zip file and choose properties. Make sure you Unblock the file before extracting.
  • Double check you didn't extract a folder within a folder (it shouldn't be Themes\RetroCRT\RetroCRT\, it should be Themes\RetroCRT\)
  • Check to see if the images actually exist - They are looking for them in Themes\RetroCRT\Media\Theme\
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