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How do I choose to display only specific MAME games?


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I've got the arcade category setup in BigBox, and it is showing all games in the folder. Hundreds or thousands of games, I imported the full MAME set (with filters to get rid of casino, etc, all the default checked filters). Still, way too many games to be useful. I made a My Favorites playlist of just the MAME games I'm interested in. How can I get that playlist to be the only games that show up in BigBox under the "Arcade" platform?

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Select the games you don't want to see, right click and select edit.

In the window that opens, for the Field, pick Hide. Make sure there is a check to enable hidden.

If you every want to see hidden roms, just pick Show hidden roms under the view menu, You can edit individual or multiple files to change that attribute as needed.

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