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The best coffee makers buying guide


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Coffee is one of the most favorite beverages to get a day started, so choosing the right coffee maker for yourself is very important. Today’s best coffee makers for home grind beans, control brew-strength, control water temperature, froth milk, and keep the coffee hot while you are free to do whatever you are up to. Owning one of those best coffee machines lets you enjoy a hot and tasty cup of joe without having to wait in a queue at a coffee shop every morning. There are tons of options out there and this coffee machine buying guide will help you in picking the best coffee maker in the world for your beans.

Characteristics to consider

There is a lot to consider when you want to buy a good coffee maker for your home such as brew types, features, price ranges, appearance, and so on. Here we list out the most common aspects you have to deal with to finalize your decision.

Hot or Cold

All kinds of coffee makers brew coffee based on the same basic principle: the water drains through ground coffee which is held in a filter and then the liquid with extracted flavor from the beans comes out to the pot. Things that affect your coffee quality are the temperature of the water and the length of time the ground beans are in contact with the water. While most brewers make hot coffee, several drip and pod models also provide “brew over ice” modes for those who prefer iced coffee or cold brew.



A good coffee maker should not cause any confusion for users when they brew up a cup of coffee, which means you should consider the models with minimal settings and clear interfaces for a comfortable brewing experience. A programmable electric coffee maker gets your coffee ready when you get up while other less automated electric models require you a little more attention. In contrast, manual pour-over coffee makers need a fully hands-on operation for a perfect cup.

Type of Coffee

Are you a fan of espresso-based drinks or brewed coffee? Or do you just simply fall for both of them? There are lots of coffee machines offering both types of coffee for your consideration. This kind of coffee maker relatively occupies less space and costs less money than buying two separate machines for each type of coffee. The hybrid machines, however, may not be the best pick for those who want their coffee and espresso cups perfectly made. 

Number of Cups

If just a cup of coffee is enough to start your day, a one- or two-cup drip machine or a single-serve model will be a smart choice. They are great coffee makers for people who live alone or a family where everyone prefers different flavors and styles of coffee. If you need larger quantities for e.g family breakfast or brunch with friends, bigger brewers will easily get the work done. Most large models can make 10 to 12 cups at a time and just a heads-up that a “cup” is typically 5-6 ounces, not 8.

Size and Height

Factors account for how much counter space your chosen machine takes will not affect the quality of your coffee, however, it will be cumbersome if the machine doesn’t fit in its designated place. If your model needs to open the top to fill the reservoir, make sure to put it in a big enough space to do so.

Brewing Options

A high-quality coffee maker recently may come with lots of special brewing options like adjusting water temperature, controlling brew strength, and changing brew sizes. Some cup and capsule models even let you make other types of beverages (e.g: hot chocolate, tea, etc.) besides brewing only coffee. Normally, the more complicated the coffee maker is, the more expensive it will be. 

Extra Features

The newest models might provide extended features like programmed brewing schedule, water filtering, milk frothing, bean grinding, automatic shut-off, thermal carafe, or automated maintenance alerts. Though some features make the brewing process easier and more convenient, there are ones that are useless to you. Make sure to choose the ones that fit your needs.

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What is the best coffee maker for you?

To figure out the best coffee maker for you, studying all kinds of coffee machines is a fundamental step.

1. Non-electric Brewers

French press, pour-over, and stovetop espresso pots belong to this brewers group. They are more of traditional styles of brewing which require your full attention from boiling water in a separate pot to cleaning up the whole thing after each use. When compared with the electric-generated models, these brewers have a smaller footprint in use and they can be stored easily in a cabinet. If the ritual of brewing coffee is a part of your morning routine, this kind of brewer will make a great pal.

2. Drip Coffee Makers

This is the most widely used brewers. While a basic model simply heats the water and drains it through the grounds, the more complicated units with additional features allow you to customize your coffee as you want. You can brew from plain to flavored to decaf coffee with a drip machine and to adjust the strength of the brew you can add more or fewer ground beans.

3. Single-serve Pod Coffee Makers

Since using specially designed capsules or cups to brew coffee, this type of coffee maker costs you more to operate and create more packaging waste, especially with plastic pods. The single-cup machines, however, are easier to use and more convenient as you don’t need to worry about the messy grounds after use.

4. Espresso Machines

If you are an espresso-based coffee lover, a dedicated machine that just makes espresso may be the one for you. If you only want a cup of espresso occasionally, the hybrid models which are capable of brewing both regular coffee and espresso may be more suitable for you. You can choose your best fit among a variety of styles from stovetop units to pod machines and a wide price range from budget models to higher-price end ones. 


5. Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Cold-brew machines use cold water and require a long steeping time to extract flavor from the grounds. The production of this process is the cold-brewed coffee which is less acidic and as not bitter as normal brewed coffee. While needing up to 24-hour-brewing, you can brew a large quantity and keep it in the fridge to use for days.

Price and Warranty

Prices vary from under $20 for the most basic models to several thousand bucks for the top rated coffee makers with a variety of features such as programmability, thermal carafe, brew-strength adjustment, and more.

Warranties differ from brands and models. While few carry a simple 30-day warranty, some of the best coffee maker brands offer a one- to two-year guarantee. 

In general, you can own a good coffee maker that offers the best value with regard to quality, features, and warranty with a price range from $90 to $300.


Whether you are finding a fully automated coffee maker or you just simply enjoy the manual brewing process every morning, there’s a brewer out there that will satisfy you and make your coffee taste much better. You can read the best coffee makers reviews for more insights and helpful guides in making your caffeine-fueled decision.

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