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Tools->Download Metadata and Media Not Finding GamesDB Data, but Game->Edit->Search for MetaData Does

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I have a bunch of Games Missing Media that I am trying to clean up.  As I'm going through some of these, I'm realizing that many of the games are in the GamesDB, but for whatever reason, they weren't populated with metadata.  Given this, I had hoped to use "Tools->Download Metadata and Media" to clean up many of these in bulk, but it doesn't seem to find a match.  That said, when I go to edit the games directly, "Search for MetaData" does find a result.  This forces me to go through all of these one-by-one when I expect you provided the bulk method intentionally.

Here's an example of the results using "Tools->Download Metadata and Media":


And here's an example of editing it via "Game->Edit->Search for MetaData", which works:


Any idea why the results are different?  There is only one result found in the GamesDB, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't be selected.




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Maybe when running the media download wizard for a game that options is applying the Arcade platform import rom default setting for it to skip "Non-Arcade Games" so when running a scan through the import wizard versus the edit screen it is possible it applies those defaults (snap below is from the Arcade import screens). I only mention this because if you import that game from a fresh import LB will not find it unless that option is unchecked. The edit screen option is searching the game name against the Games DB and allows you to pick the correct name so it is possibly not applying any of the import wizard skip options.


Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 12.44.53 PM.png

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Ah that could be.  I originally imported these the classic import ROMs way and then yesterday re-imported using the mame set approach.  These could be leftover from the prior.  Maybe I can look for the import date to distinguish one from the other.  I'm hesitant to blow everything away as I think also imported some stuff previously that doesn't use MAME, but instead uses dedicated arcade system emulators (supermodel, etc).  But maybe not.  I will eye that.  Thanks!

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Hmmm...weird.  I just took the leap and wiped out my arcade platform and re-imported with all of the "skips" enabled and "Import Originals Only " enabled.  It still is pulling in junk like this:



Is that correct?

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