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Transfer Launchbox to a new storage device.

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I have been having issues setting this thing back up, and have stumbled on an idea that it's probably because it's on a super old version of windows 8, and that everything is slow. So maybe we just transfer to an SSD, and then upgrade the OS to 64-bit windows 10. 


So my question is:

Which folders would I need to transfer? Is there any parent folder to make this easier? Because it doesn't seem to have that is my current folder hierarchy. I have Launchbox Version 6.0-beta-14

So would It just be easier to start fresh by wiping this drive.


Big post I know.

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While LaunchBox is portable, where the parent folder is your "LaunchBox" folder, you need to also transfer any associated programs or files you added to your LaunchBox library. Depending on where you located them, this could be a simple task or could get tricky.

You are on such an old version of LaunchBox, it might be worth the effort of starting out fresh.

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