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SCUMMVM and MT-32 Emulation

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Hi all.


I am having an issue where I cannot get SCUMMVM to use the MT-32 emulation through Launchbox.  It works fine if I go and run the SCUMMVM executable manually and select a game.  If I launch SCUMMVM via launchbox though it says it can't use the MT-32 sound device.

SCUMMVM is located in the third party\SCUMMVM folder within launchbox and both the requried rom files are present.

I did update SCUMMVM to the latest version (2.2.0), do I need to change a setting somewhere within launchbox to make it work?




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I solved it.


In case anyone else has an issue, I put them in an the extra folder (had to make it), then set the path within SCUMMVM.  Works now.

For some reason the game crashes under SCUMMVM, so I switched to DOSBOX\MUNT anyway in the end :P

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