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With my arcade setup, it is always great to be able to look at some gameplay footage prior to selecting my games. What tends to annoy me is that a great chunk of my gameplay videos in the arcade section (might be some in other sections) have these theme videos that show up on almost every arcade game I have on there. Is there any way to easily replace these sort of videos with just normal gameplay snaps?

The picture attached is what I refer to as a game theme video; basically overlays over game footage. I'd like to do without that.


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Well for one, dont download media you dont like/want is a good start in all cases, those specific videos are simply called "Theme Videos" in the emumovies section of the metadata and media wizard. In Bigbox there is a option to prefer theme videos i believe, so uncheck that also. Thirdly check your Video priorities in Launchbox and uncheck re-arrange to your liking.


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