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How to refresh platform/playlist ROMs?


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I've created a NES platform and playlist by going through the "Import" feature. I have all the NES ROMs in one folder so I chose to import from a folder. I have since added a new ROM file to the folder and it does not show up in LaunchBox. I looked around for a way to "refresh" the playlist and I found "Scan for Added ROMs" in the Tools menu. I tried this feature but it found no new ROMs. Is this the right feature to use? Is there a different/better way to refresh the ROM folder? Also is there a way to make it auto-refresh when I start LaunchBox? Thanks.

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If you did not store the roms inside the default folder LB sets you need to change the folder path or the scan will not look where you actually have the roms.

Right click your NES platform name in LB and choose Edit. Go to the "Folders" tab and edit the path to be where you actually store the roms.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 8.12.25 PM.png

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