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Big Box auto launch into specific game at startup?

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Customizing my Mortal Kombat 2 cabinet.

Is there a way for Big Box to automatically launch into a specific game?  The cabinet is a MK2 cabinet, so I'd like Big Box to launch MK2 at startup so the UI is invisible unless requested.  In game, I'd like the ability to back out and be greeted with the BB UI to select other games.


Also, if anybody has a lead on a good BB theme for MK, that'd be awesome.

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There is no current way to tell Big Box to launch a specific game on start up, the thought being if you wanted that game opened, just open it. You could do something like what you are wanting with a custom plugin though. If it a feature you'd prefer to see integrated into Big Box though you can go to the top of this page and click "Help & Support" > "Request a Feature" and ask there.

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Bummer!  Thanks for the reply.  

I assume that most people that are using the BB interface only have one device / machine / cabinet that they're playing on, so being presented with the game list upon start makes absolute sense.  However, I have a garage full of games on smart plugs.  When I turn my arcade on, I want the MAME machine to blend in among the dedicated cabinets and boot to the cabinets dedicated game.  To the player, it would look legit.  But if you press the button combination for back, then you'd be presented with the Big Box UI to select something different.

I'm building a Multi Mortal Kombat.  It's in a MK2 cabinet, so I want MK2 to auto-launch, but retain the ability to select a different MK with a themed UI.  :D

I submitted a request ticket. 

Thank you.

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