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ABeezy's Microsoft Xbox 2.5D Box Fronts


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ABeezy's Microsoft Xbox 2.5D Box Fronts

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I am back after some time off to continue perfecting some of these box art sets... here to share my next console in my "2.5D" DVD style set... the Microsoft Xbox!!!


There are a few other Xbox sets that do exist out there however the difference here is the colors are more accurate, the resolution is much higher and the set is uniform. This set was complied from a few very nice full high res scan sets. This set will be part of a uniform series with more platforms to come that use the same exact DVD case style template along with same size dimensions and high resolution artwork. This set like all of my sets includes a uniform "Xbox" banner when scrolling through your games for nice uniformity. This is all 850(863)* released NTSC Xbox games following the no-intro naming scheme. When dropping these in your Launchbox build there may be a few boxes that do not autoload due to the name differences between how Launchbox scrapes the games and what no-intro names them. Therefore you may have to manually update a few images to your liking or use an alternate name within Launchbox itself. Also contained within this set is a second folder with 20+ games that received special edition releases or were part of a combo pack. This should cover everything but as always if anyone notices any errors please let me know. Enjoy!


* There are 863 NTSC Xbox games. However on the official DATs 13 games are marked as not being released in North America which drops the total to 850. Through my own research it appears they were actually available and sold in North America. Therefore, depending if you want to include them or not I separated these 13 files into their own folder.


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