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Textless game marquees?


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What's the position in the DB of textless marquee-style images like the one attached (obtained from steamgriddb, where they're called "heroes" for some odd reason)?  They're not backgrounds, because they're 1920x620 and would make pretty poor backgrounds, and they're not banners, since they're way out of aspect ratio to make a good banner.  The best fit, as far as I can see, is Arcade Marquee, since it would best fit that role.

But when I've submitted as such, the response is that it should be a banner.  Seems awkward as a banner, to me.

So, should we even submit these?  Do they have a place?  If so, is the banner thing the consensus?


marquee 1.jpg

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I personally am not sure an image like this really has a place in our database right now. At best it would go into Fanart - Background, but not sure if fits well enough in Banner or Marquee since it'd doesn't have any clear logo or text saying what game it is for.

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Alrighty, thanks for the guidance.  I'll hold off on uploading marquee-style artwork for non-arcade games, then.

As for marquees being for arcade games only...  eh, to be honest and no disrespect intended, as a relative newbie to all this, and looking at how things seem to work, but I take these category titles with a grain of salt.  Officially publisher-released background art in the DB is "fanart backgrounds" for lack of an appropriate category, and, for example, Intellivision controller overlays are "arcade controls information", likewise for lack of appropriate category.  Similarly, there is no way to distinguish official banners from fanart banners.  So, it seems that we just fit things into the best possible existing category, and arcade marquees would be the least-wrong category for these sorts of images for the future if, say, there were any plans to implement marquee graphics in the LB or Big Box UI later on.

But if there is other guidance, of course, I'll follow it.  Just saying what intuitively suggests itself from working with the stuff for a year or so.


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There is a banner category which is really most applicable to what you are looking at vs the arcade marquee category which is pretty specific (an actual marquee).  If it is a steam banner (textless or otherwise) that is where I put them if banner aspect vs say fanart which tends to be full screen aspect.  I have uploaded some non-text items if indeed it is unique enough for the game. Somewhat of a judgement call but fanart and banner tend to be somewhat of a catchall if not quite fitting into the others. 

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