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(solved) White border on selected items in Image-View


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Hi to all!

When I select items in the "Image View" (keyboard or game controller makes no difference), a white border always appears around the selected item.
The esthetically "ugly" thing about it is the spacing at the bottom. See attached screenshot.

This white border only appears, when i select items by the cursor buttons or via game controller (d-pad buttons).
If I directly select an item via mouse, then this strange white border does not appear ...

First I thought that it might have something to do with my LaunchBox configuration. But I can reproduce this behavior with a freshly installed LaunchBox as well...

Yes, I admit it's not a "first world problem" 😄 but maybe someone knows a solution for this ... ? 🙂 
Thanks in advance!

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I'm using a licensed version of LaunchBox. But customizing (in this case the LaunchBox theme) is somethings, what I principally try to prevent - if possible. 
Customizations can cause update problems. Or are overwritten after an update ...

So when a "fix" is already in beta phase, then I better wait for the next production release. I'm in soo much no hurry either!  🙂 

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1 hour ago, GRKNZNGN said:

Or are overwritten after an update

This isn't possible. Updates would only ever affect the default themes (which get overwritten on start up anyway). You'd copy default to a new folder, rename it, then make adjustments. Your point does stand though that it would need modified anytime we added new UI elements to the product though (which we do in this next version).

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have updated to LaunchBox 12 today. The space on at the bottom between cover image and white border does no longer appear. 

The design of LaunchBox looks much better since the update to version 12. I specially like the dark mode - really great! Well done folks! 😍👍

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  • GRKNZNGN changed the title to (solved) White border on selected items in Image-View

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